The Passion Test® for Business –
A Passion Powered Business Tool

Anita Torres
Kudos to you, Business Owner! First, I want to thank you for the work you do, for the product or service you provide, for the lives of so many employees and the families you touch, and for the value you add to the world and our economy. And I know there’s always more work to do to keep it going.

Here’s some food for thought for any size business.

  • Is your company mission statement or operating principles just a plaque on the wall?
  • How do you engage your team to deliver results?
  • Do you hire employees who are powered by passion and committed to your vision?
  • What are you tolerating? What would you like to change or improve for continued success?
  • Do your employees behave in ways that show they believe in the value you deliver to your customers?
  • Would you like to fully maximize your productivity, retention, ability to innovate, and ignite passion and engagement?

Consider this:

The Passion Test® for Business offers companies of any size, including Entrepreneurs, the ability to systematically create alignment between the work passions of its employees with the mission and passions of the company. The result is a passionate, engaged workforce, made up of people who are excited about coming to work every day and that maximize productivity, innovation, retention and bottom-line profits.

Imagine the impact on your bottom line if people were PASSIONATE about their work!

Why Passion

Every individual has unique talents, interests and a life purpose AND every business provides a unique value to its customers and to the world. That unique valueis the company’s purpose for being. As a business owner, your challenge is to identify and attract people whose passions are aligned with your own purpose and passions. It’s imperative in today’s business climate to differentiate the way YOU provide that unique value with elegant simplicity that inspires passion.

What I do

I assist in making your company’s unique value and core passions a living, breathing, vibrant part of your everyday experience. Using the Passion Test system, together we will define or re-calibrate your company’s 5+ core passions—those things that are most important for you to deliver your company’s unique value. Out of this process emerges a statement of that unique value, expressed with elegant simplicity. When the company mission becomes personal, you establish trust with your customers and your employees become engaged.  This is how you create Business WOW!

The secret is to connect the corporate mission to individual employee work passions, to the things that the employee cares most deeply about. It translates into exciting and memorable customer service experiences.

What You Can Expect

  • Business based on passion is FUN, productive, retains employees, and attracts customers
  • Alignment between employee passions and company passions creates a powerful team working in harmony
  • Applying a proven process for identifying passion in individuals and
    companies for consistent results
  • Pre and post surveys measure changes in engagement
  • Integrated approach ensures common use of company values throughout
    the organization
  • Culture Action Plan provides clear, defined steps with responsibilities to ensure accountability of implementation

Take Action Now; Not Someday

The Passion Test programs are customizable and geared for any size business that is committed to IGNITE, ENGAGE or DRIVE THE PASSION throughout the entire organization.  Imagine everyone expressing the Unique Value proposition and the Company’s Core Passions from their hearts; not just as talking heads.  Since actions speak louder than words, let’s start infusing passion throughout the organization to achieve your goals today; not someday.

As the saying goes “Talk is cheap.”  I’d LOVE the chance to meet you and start a conversation on what’s possible for you and your business. With technology, I am never too far. We can meet in person, by phone, or via SKYPE. I promise to be passionately prepared, on time, 100% present in mind, body, and soul, and to facilitate for you a passion-powered session. Simply complete the form below. I’ll personally contact you to schedule a complimentary session.